The Burger is the King too

Nothing quite defines the American food experience like the burger. And nothing quite defines the burger experience like a fast food chain. When I'm on the road driving the back roads, the only food I'm likely to get consistently is a burger. Sure, there's the occassional hippie who's opened a chai-latte place in the middle of a forest but dont count on that when looking for three meals a day. Even pizza pales in the face of the burger chain and its ubiquitious presence. My keen, inquisitive mind (not to mention huge stomach) naturally formulated the question - which is the fairest of them all, the best chain burger that exists, the best and the rest. The results of an extensive survey has a surprising answer. The best damn burger I've eaten at a chain is the Ciabatta burger from Jack-in-the-box. I know anything Italian is frowned on a true burger and In-N-Out is supposed to be really good, but that Ciabatta went wonderfully with two fat slabs of meat, cheese and bacon and some nicely runny mayo. It came periliously close to being a great burger even by my nonchain fussynewyork standards. There are over two thousand outlets - go find out for yourself. I thought White Castle, with bitesize slider burgers quite unlike anywhere else, came second. I would normally hate buns as pasty as theirs, but somehow it makes some kind of addictive sense in their burgers. I was also amazed by Burger Kings (hold your breath) Chicken burger! In-N-Out is in too; they're the best of the traditional burgers. Its been a while since Fuddruckers came into my range, but I do remember them as having some very good stuff. I also tried the Paris-Hilton attached spicy-bbq-six-dollar burger from Carls Jr (which does not come with the car or the woman, and isn't even six dollars...). The others I tried in this experimental round were McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Dennys and Sonic. And Arby's but they dont call their rather nice roast beef sandwiches 'burgers' .

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