The South West Experiment

I've finally inspired other people. Here's the review (unedited except for links and capitalization) sent in a few days ago by the very friend of mine that fished in hell in with me.
Last week, this foodie friend of mine suggested that we try sampling fare at restaurants/bars named after their addresses. I found the idea intriguing but we got drawn to the Osteria Gelsi fish (which was very very good), so today, when another friend came to the city from India I decided to try this place called 44 SW in Hell's Kitchen. It said ristorante and the menu outside seemed to have antipasti and insalata - so we walked in assuming they would have the usual entrees on the menu. The place turned out to be full of disappointments. First, they did not have half the wines on their list. The list itself was kind of sparse and uninformative. The pretty stewardess recommended something that turned out to be rather bland. More chicken than fish in an italian restaurant sounded like bad news. No stand-alone seafood, so i went for shrimp with garlic and herbs with linguini, and that was bad news too. Oh, and the calamari fritti we ordered for starters was very also-ran, kind of onion-ringish if you know what I mean. And finally, the espresso tasted weird. All in all, a great evening almost destroyed by a mediocre menu. South West was all south. No more address-christened restaurants for me. All in all

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