Food of the Earth

Prithvi Cafe has always been one of my favorite places to sit around and read books. In addition to uncomfortable seats and a steady supply of cheap tea, Prhtivi provided a continous stream of peoplewatching that was difficult to equal. It helped that the cafe, owned by Bengalis and kitchened by a chef who could speak and cook Bengali, was able to turn out Mumbai's best Shorshe Bata Maach. And then there was the Irish coffee... I went back to Prithvi after a fairly long time. Much had changed since then; the cafe is now operated by Mocha. There's no Bengali food in sight and there's not even the smallest scent of alchohol in the Irish Coffee. There's also a new menu with specialities from different landmark restaurants of Mumbai. The net result - I like the new, much warmer lighting. The seats are just as uncomfortable as ever in the old section but thats still the place for peoplewatching. The chai is definitely better, and the food even if lacking all shorshe is actually quite good - at least the sandwiches and chaat were. The service sucks though, which is all for the better since you don't feel guilty about all those people waiting in line for a seat. Lets face it, you're here to sit and read and peoplewatch and hopefully interest Makarand Deshpande into giving you a starring role in a movie; that takes time, patience, cheap tea and really slow waiters.

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  1. Shanky,

    You seem to have a great passion for food. Love reading your blog for bong food. Why dont you start your own chain "Shanky's" will be a instant hit in cities where Bongs are migrating in hordes and missing the food.



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