Lucknow and Smoke

I must post an update on Avadhi food. Versova, that new mecca of eating options in Mumbai, has not one but two restaurants boasting of Lucknow connections. My cycle trips to one (that I discovered through an unexpected google search) led me to go past the other so two birds, one stone and all that.

The one I found through google was Dhuan - where a single blog post by the owner promised the best kakori in Mumbai. Who can ignore such a promise, so there I was, braving the rain a few days ago on my bicycle headed towards Yari Road. It turned out to be a lounge, very hard to find because the name (written in huge three-foot-high letters) is so fancily written that it is difficult to read. However, its conveniently next door to Rice Boat.

Dhuan is actually an Arabic sheesha lounge, but it also has a long and substantial food menu. I focused only on the Kabab list - in particular kakori and 'tundey' (named, obviously, after Lucknow-famous Tundey gilawati kabab) and here's the conclusion. The kababs came in generous portions, were as soft as you could ever want, and surprisingly fairly good - certainly worth the visit if you're this side of town. Kakori House, however, is hands down better, both kakori and gilawati.

Lazzat, a little before Dhuan on the same road, is still on my list of to-trys...

Dhuan 9 A/B, Aram Nagar II, Versova, JP Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400049 Phone: 26316350, 26332379, 9819266907

Lazzat-E-Lucknow 5, Beach Apartment, JP Road, Versova , Andheri (W), Mumbai 400049 Phone: 9322387119, 9833762759

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