Rolling in Maps

about 40.756054, -73.986951

I've already written about my search for Kolkata-style Kati Rolls in Mumbai; here's the map to help you find them.

And lets not forget New York. The Kati Roll Company fuelled many of my parties, while Roomali was a lunch staple. Indian Bread Company served excellent tea along with decent rolls and a was a great place to read books in. Roti Roll's unusual curry fillings filled me out a couple of times while wandering near Columbia.

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  1. Inspired by your blog, had a roll in Hanglas's egg mutton one to be precise. They did not use Kati but greasy mutton almost paste like. I was hoping it to be like the ones in Kolkata ...but it was far removed other than the paratha and the generous dose of onions and lemon.



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