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I've been trying to eat healthy, as usual, so I go looking for steamed dishes on restaurant menus wherever I can find them. This entry is less about healthy or lightly cooked food as particularly about 'steamed' food.

The king of steamed in India is undoubtedly the idli. Mumbai is chock-a-block with udipis chrning out passable idlis with sweet sambhar, (not to forget the uniquely bambaiyya idli-on-a-cycle). Apparently even Madonna went idli on her visit to the city, giving some Shetty his fifteen minutes of fame. There's a lot of good idli in Mumbai, but Idli House on King's Circle (just at the end of the flyover) deserves a mention for focus. Its got just idlis, and lots of different kinds, with lots of different chatni, powder and other goodies.

Swati Snacks offers my favourite steamed snack - panki - in three varieties.

Steamed fish, or patra-ni-macchi, is a Parsi mainstay available at some (though not most) Parsi restaurants; ones that spring to mind are Jimmy Boy, Snack Shack and my favourite Ideal Corner. Whole Steamed fish - I was quite pleased to get an excellent one with ginger and wine at the Far East restaurant in Rodas Powai (though the fish came sliced). It was so good (and light) that I ordered a second, off-menu, with superior soya sauce. 5-Spice offers one too, but it isn't impressive. Lings Pavilion used to have a great steamed whole fish, (also a steamed chicken) but I haven't tried it in a while. Lings also makes an incredible clay-pot rice (definitely steamed). A few steps away, Busaba has a fantastic, tooth-tingling citrus steamed fish hidden in their menu. I hear that Oriental Blossom in the Marine Plaza Hotel offers Korean Steamboat, but I haven't tried it yet either.

Modak is another Mumbai food that's traditionally steamed (though there are many other kinds, many merely modak-shaped sweets). Its not easy to get modaks all year round, but the obviously named Modak Center next to Siddhi Vinayak temple offers the steamed sweet variety (coconut /jaggery filling) all the time. Diva Maharashtracha offers interesting savoury modak choices such as mutton or mushroom.

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  1. hey that was a great compilation on steam food, loved reading it.



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