Gobi Go Go

about Versova, Mumbai
Walking to the Madh Island ferry one evening, I came upon this brightly lit sweetshop selling red, round pakoras that did not look like anything I'd seen before. The ever-friendly shopkeeper told me they were cabbage pakoras (not the usual cauliflower), and shelling out five rupees made me proud owner of five of those balls.

They were very good (why else do you think I'm putting it in my blog?).

Its amazing that I've never encountered the putting of cabbage and besan together with some hot oil. And neither, it seems, has anyone else. Unusually enough for something popular, this the only shop in the area that sells these pakoras. And boy are they popular; in the evenings he stretches his operation into a second counter in front of the closed shop next door, frying these balls by the kadhaifull to satisfy a steady stream of hungry Versovians.

Who is he? He's Mahiyar Sweets and Snacks, Desi and Bengali Sweets tucked away in a tiny lane in Versova village on the way to the Madh Island ferry. He also has a range of other things, including an interesting take on the Balushahi, but its the gobi pakora on which his reputation rests.

Is it worth the trip into the innards of Versova just to chomp on these balls? Probably not, but you should try them out sometime in your life.

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  1. very tempting, Shanky...

    I have eaten and made cauliflower pakodis, this is looking great and am sure tastes just as good..

  2. These are cabbage! Cauliflower is not uncommon, but cabbage seems to be.

  3. So u finally agree that it was worth trying the madh ferry once at least for the sake of these cabbage balls..)



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