Hyper Hype

about Goregaon West, Mumbai

Tucked away inside the InOrbit Shoppers Stop is a gourmet Hypercity outlet, with lots of canned and fresh food for sale but also a deli. Its a wonderful ambience. Here you are, sitting on barstools at a counter, surrounded by food, and being served freshly prepared meals from the top-of-the-line ingredients on sale there. You can hardly argue with the idea.

Unfortunately, the reality is less than overwhelming. I and a friend went for lunch there, and finally settled on two of the three sandwich choices they had - a BLT and a smoked salmon. We wanted a salad too, but most compartments were empty so we settled on a soup, (the only one on offer was mushroom and that too a canned version, not from scratch). We had some fun picking off sides from the counters, quite literally shopping for supper - a packet of chips, a piece of bread, a drink and settled down to wait for our sandwiches. That's when things went downhill. The salmon sandwich was very unexciting - real smoked salmon, but inadequate amounts of it smothered in cucumber, lettuce and some very dull bread. The BLT in spite of repeated intervention by us came with under-cooked bacon and too many onions. The chefs seemed fairly clueless, and only the soup (which came out of a can, remember) was anywhere close to acceptable. The final bill for all this was Rs 1,400 for two (which would actually have bought us lunch at the Marriot or the ITC). They have great stuff for sale at the food counters (especially olives and cold cuts) but the meal service definitely needs lots of work.

I've had the tea service there before, and it has been a great experience. This one, was a definite write-off. I'm not sure I'm warning anybody off, because in any case we were the only people there.


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