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about Kalaghoda, Mumbai
IMG_0288The nooks of Mumbai hide corners that only cyclists can find. And one of those corners is a cafe that offers free coffee to cyclists. Its also got free wireless and lots of free friendliness. Its in the second lane behind Rhythm house, right across from Trishna.
Kala Ghoda Cafe opened only about a week ago, a whitewashed barebrick starkmodern kind of place redolent of New York, contrasted against the recently slicked-up Trishna across the lane. Its a wonderful sunlight relaxing kind of place, with great coffee, wonderful biscotti, sandwiches that showed promise and an utterly charming mezzanine. The wholegrain bread they served me was some of the best I've ever had anywhere.

All in all, I'm a fan.
IMG_0276 IMG_0279 IMG_0287 IMG_0286

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  1. Hi! I came upon your blog on Facebook yesterday. Must say that I really loved what I read. Definitely one of my favourite food blogs. You really bring alive a place and the maps are a nice way of giving the facts too. I have kept away from the latter on my blog and some people have complained about that.
    Your review of Kala Ghoda made me feel like going there this weekend itself. Not on a cycle though. Thanks for the warning on the Hyper City salmon sandwich. I was eying it once. But the cheese and meats we bought from there were superb. You didn't like the Calcutta Club kosha mangsho? My wife and I love it. But we are not very well exposed to the delights of Shymabajar. Ironical that Hoogly had the most expensive kosha. Its earlier, avatar, New bengal Lodge used to be me thhek for cheap Bangla food when I landed in Mumbai



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