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about Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Delhi NCR used to be the only place you could get your fill of the Great Kabab Factory, but its now in our very own backyard (Ok, the people at Powai get hurt of you say backyard, but well …) so of course I went. Twice. To the factory.


Its official - The Great Kabab Factory is now in the back…well Powai. Right on the main promenade a sneexe away from the DMart. Unlimited kababs from a limited menu, attached to some dal, vegetables and biriyani all at one price -the concept is novel enough that the hostess has to explain it to each person who walks in, and some walk out. Here’s what my two visits yielded as a review.

First, the opinion on the kababs. I must say that I’ve dined a few times at this place in Gurgaon, and I’ve always thought the place was great on ambience and merely good on food. That impression remains; this is not tunde kabab with mastercard accepted. Its good kababs, but not the world’s best. The packaging is good, and because they change their kababs every day (except for the aforesaid galouti) there’s plenty of variety to prevent boredom. The chicken biriyani and the dal – the signature factory dal is basically dal bukhara – good but not great. Make that quite good.

Ok, so bottom line. Good Kababs, pleasant packaging and booze on order. Happy happy!

Galouti paneer Seekh

The pictures are from their website, so don't blame me.

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  1. i went to the delhi one...the galawti was too salty...they gave me an extra rum when i complained...i agree, food is ok...didnt find it blogworthy



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