Streetwalking 2: The Makkhan Updates

about Delhi, India

It feels to good to finally have a sequel out.

In the previous post about the lanes of old Delhi and the fabled makkhan, I talked about being thrilled with the discovery of makkhan at Haus Kazi Chowk, but as it turns out, I was at the wrong place. Yes, it sported a few makkhan sellers but where the hordes were gathered was not far away. Ten minutes of walking later, as I neared the Chandni Chowk end of Nayi Sadak (which is not really new and barely recognisable as a sadak) the makkhan sellers multiplied till there was one every few feet! I counted no less than eight, all easily recognized by that characteristic white and yellow dome of foam.


The interesting part is, they all claim to have been there for at least a decade! Given all the discussion on the Internet about how hard they were to find, I think people were just looking for them at the wrong place. I tried a helping from multiple sellers, and I must say some are a little better than others. Airier, more aroma of saffron, better balance of foam and crunch – these were the things that distinguished the best ones. I even met an uncle-nephew pair from Moradabad; the uncle was better than the nephew and he explained that though both carts had the same base product, his nephew was too lazy to whip the foam up one last time before serving, which apparently made all the difference.

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