Food for the Eyes

Blogs, I notice, have become very visual of late. Food blogs, in particular, seem to have improved in leaps and bounds on the quality of photographs. Just so that I dont feel left behind, I’m posting here four of my nicest food photographs.

Parathas in Mumbai 

Number one is a photo of a food stall at the Kandivali Lokhandwala Durga Puja, where fresh parathas are being made in preparation for the evening rush

Sweet potato chaat in Delhi

Number two is a sweet potato and starfruit chaat seller in Chandi Chowk in Delhi.

Street food in Mahim

Chicken vadas on a tawa in a Mahim bylane

Bread being sold in Istanbul

A store in Istanbul offering traditional turkish pide breads.


  1. Have been meaning to thank you for a very well maintained food blog for sometime, these photos got me out of my lethargy! Great job!

  2. Im OOOH AAAhing. Nice pics.. Nice blog. It was great to meet you.

  3. Shanky, you have always had some pretty awesome photos on your blog. A case of what Bengal thinks today ... love the brilliant contrast of colours in the photos

  4. I have got to get myself to Mahim to eat those chicken vadas soon. It was so nice to meet you! =)



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