Modern Mutton

It makes for a nice title, but the mutton is no more modern than the shop it came from. Having been stranded by meetings and car-parkings, I managed to get some thoroughly nice mutton cuts from Modern Mutton Shop in Bandra. I didn’t have enough onions for a true attempt at Kosha Mangsho, but decided instead on bhuna gosht (which is basically a blanket name for a mutton dish that is not quite kosha mangsho). Attempting to impress the ladies also led me to rustle up some luchis.

I laid it on some nice blue plates, topped it with a few slivers of green chilli (purely for cosmetic effect) and clicked away. Yes, the luchis have a great shape – its from a cookie cutter.

The haiku of the mutton is as follows – mutton marinated in dahi, then whole bayleaf, cinnamon, clove, elaichi, badi elaichi, dry red chillies in hot oil, some coarsely chopped onions fried to brown, ginger garlic paste, some dhania and kali mirch all cooked till the oil separates. Then add mutton, the dahi marinade, and two halves of a medium potato – all topped with mace and nutmeg. Leave it on low low low heat till the mutton is done (I left it for about three hours). Slow slow cooking really helps mutton. A pressure-cooker can get you soft mutton (eventually), but not tender, butter-soft texture that slow cooking will get you.


  1. Great work Shanky.
    Btw, did you know mutton is more lean in US than in India? It is much easier to trim the fat off a frozen goat than a freshly slaughtered one.

  2. Great blog! Loved reading some of your posts!
    Will be visiting your blog again!

    Mithua in Seattle



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