An Accidental Bhojan

about Gaiwadi, Kalbadevi, Mumbai

A mistaken turn led us deep into Kalbadevi today and since it happened to be lunchtime, a visit to Shree Thakker Bhojanalay seemed in order. Some basic idea of the location led us part of the way, but finally a little genie from google maps nudged us to the doorstep of 31, Dadyseth Agiary Marg, Kalbadevi. Dodge the Shiva statue at Adarsh Hotel, withdraw some money at the Union Bank, figure out which of the row of non-descript doors is the right one, climb up a flight of stairs and you’re at the elaborate wooden doorway of the bhojanalay.


Thakkers is hard to find, but no one can accuse it of being undiscovered. The walls tell you about their long repeated lists of foodie awards and their coverage by every newspaper that could find a critic to go vegetarian. I must say though, that Thakker by and large lives up to its hype. I haven’t been here since my  last couple of visits over a decade ago – and the memories of what I ate are faint but on the impressive side. I must say that I wasn’t disappointed; the stream of food that progressed was as generous and as flavourful as any I’ve ever had. Ghee flowed generously and some individual items (such as the warm puran-poli or the dal pakoris with sweet sauce) could have launched a thousand ships. While walking out stuffed we noticed the menu card for the Sunday thali, and I must say it looked even better.


Definitely off the beaten path, this one, and a rare argument in favour of vegetarian.

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  1. :)

    launched a thousand ships and lined thousands of kilometers of arteries....




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