Aamchi Donut

Mango mania is in Mumbai in many forms, but one of the more unusual ones came from Mad Over Donuts – a savoury donut called Mango Mazaa, that’s one of the seven mango-themed donuts on offer in their (what else) mango special.

Though I’ve never written about it, I think very highly of MOD. Its India’s first donut chain, and the donuts are some of the softest I have ever encountered, the fillings incredibly sinful and no shortage of choice. I really think they’re some of the best donuts in the world; much better certainly than Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts and easily comparable to the best anywhere in America’s donut heartlands (though MOD does lack the classic cake donut). Filled, unfilled, topped, sugared, and MOD does some of the best chocolate I have seen smeared on a donut.

Photo May 22, 1 23 10 PM

But back to the aam. MOD does a small line of savoury donuts also – and I had just walked in feeling all savoury when Mango Mazaa caught my attention. Five minutes later, I was in love – a soft donut sprinkled with a little cheese and with some oooooh mango pickle made into a creamy paste in the middle – its making me shiver in my shoes all over again.

There are MODs all over the city (especially the malls). Two in Bandra – the food cluster at Carter Road and just of Linking Road. Go and try it. The mango & white chocolate donut is no slouch either. Leave the Bavarian chocolate for next time.


  1. Shanky, dunkin's and krispy kreme are a disgrace. And I live in a state where donuts are the official religion and the convention center is called the dunk (yes, really). But great donuts exist, and the best ever are on martha's vineyard, backdoor donuts, daily for three hours from 9 pm to midnights.


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