Bangalore Lunch

about KHB Block Koramangala,, Bengaluru,

After Koshy’s retro cool breakfast, I found myself in Koramangla at lunch. Of all the food choices available in Bangalore, the one thing you cannot get in Mumbai is Andhra, so I figured that would be a good bet. Someone told me there was a Nagarjuna in Koramangla, but that proved a fruitless exercise.

Burrp came to the rescue, identifying a Naati Manae for me. Karnataka rather than Andhra, but promising enough, and so we set off in search. Koramangla with its warren of isn’t the easiest of places to navigate, but google maps, two loops and a few u-turns later, we turned into one smallish lane. A deliberately rustic thatch-house with blue walls and warli paintings greeted us (warli is firmly Maharashtrian, not clear about the connection here). I’m told Naati Manae means country house, and that’s clearly the look these guys were clearly going after. The rural theme continued inside, with wooden panels and terracotta tiles everywhere.

It was a small place place inside, maybe 20 covers or so, and it was full (which is always a good sign). This prentends to be a hole in the wall, but is actually a relatively modern restaurant (read clean). Banana leaves came perched on plastic plates. The star of the menu seemed to be something called donne biriyani which landed up heaped in a leaf bowl, along with the inevitable raitha and rassa. The special of the day was pepper chicken – definitely chettinad.

It turned out to be a find. The generously proportioned biriyani was very nice – similar to andhra but a little different and with plenty of melting pieces on the bone. A particularly nice touch – the rassa it came with was outstanding. The pepper chicken - dark and biting - was more than acceptable. The menu is loaded with never-heard-before kanadda dishes that definitely merit some more exploration. All in all, quite worth the extended search operation.



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