Busaba heads North

about Lower Parel, Mumbai

Busaba has been open in Lower Parel for a while now, which is rather convenient for me as a lunch I can walk to. Worthy of note, in particular, is their set lunch menu -a starter, a salad, a main course and a dessert of the day to be chosen from a small menu at a mere four fifty; it's cheaper than a standard meal at Jai Hind round the corner. The options keep rotating, but there's always a couple of good choices (even if you insist on veggies). The food, as in the other Busaba, is South East Asian, except for desserts (those are unwaveringly European).

Thai steamed chicken and Vietnamese pho soup has been ordered...


  1. Their Glass Noodle Salad is divine...

  2. i had a brilliant lunch @ Busaba, dim sum, thai curry, salad, some sushi as well for like 350 a year or two ago.

    their set meals are always value for money



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