Sometimes, its just enough to come across a nice lunch. Work lunches tend to canteen food (dull) or quiet fancy restaurants (usually the same ones over and over) or mall food (more fast than food) so its nice when a working lunch turns out to be just nice.

This one was an old favourite that I had not gone back to in a long while. I used to find the Versova version excellent (if a little hard to get a seat in) but have not gone for a while. Sitting at Mulund’s Urban Takda over a droolworthy kalimiri paneer and a delectable tandoori gobi, I ruminate on the niceties of Punjabi food and the potential of vegetables in tandoor.

Urban Tadka is still as kitschy as I remember it, and the food is every bit as nice. Regulation Punjabi, but distinctly better than the usual butter chicken crap dished out by every second person who can spell dhaba. Crisp flavours and efficient execution makes for a nice experience. Rich, of course, especially if you top the meal off with a rabdi.

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