Flying Beers

Drinks inside domestic flights went the way of dinosaurs days before my first flight, and for a very long time the only place to drink even before boarding a flight was at Bangalore Airport. The sobriety situation stayed firmly in place for decades; your only options for flying drunk was to tank up before entering the airport or joining the ever-expanding ranks of desi international travellers.

Private airports changed all that; now the average alcoholic has all kinds of options even when his (or her) ticket is firmly printed with names like Delhi or Jhumritalayia. Swank bars have opened up in checkin areas, but even more important in the waiting areas as well. I discovered Foodie Bar at Mumbai domestic about nine months ago, but it is in the Air India terminal and not even my entreaties about ready availability of liquor persuaded friends and family to buy AI tickets. Some months ago, the “other” domestic terminal also gained a version of Foodie Bar. Called 24x7 (though there was many a time when that was not followed) it served a generous bar but a much smaller selection of food.

Photo 29-07-11 6 29 32 PM (HDR)

Today, Sunanda’s flying Kingfisher so I’m back at foodie bar enjoying average pan-fried chicken dim sum and a nice Fosters draft.

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