This is a multi-post, on three meals.

First, there was Caravan Serai, where I was treating my nephew to kababs. We ordered three; the chicken kalimirch came out first and was wonderful – raising expectations to fever pitch. The mutton galauti that followed tumbled us into the depths of the disappointing (for a while we thought they may have served us veg galouti by mistake) and the chicken kasturi that brought up the tail promised cheese and other exotic flavours but ended up innocuous and barely passable.

Across the road was the newest addition to the gourmet chocolate craze that seems to be catching up in Bandra. An Australian chain that built its brand around Spain’s answer to the donut, its a large slick operation with eight kinds of truffles, multiple shake&stir options, chocolate fondues, burgers, sandwiches, chocolate drinks and of course, churros.

The chocolates were rather colourful, looked expensive and were quite good. They weren’t Bandra’s best (the Taj Lands End wins that one hands down) but having crossed the Cadbury barrier and offering a pleasant ambience to boot, it was certainly worth a visit; an opinion shared by nmane a teenager. The hot chocolates were more unusual. The Azteca was rich, creamy and had a distinct afterbite of chillies.


Then there was Gostana, a place I returned to after a couple of months while waiting for my bicycle to be fixed. Still just as good, though there are a few small additions to the menu (like beef burgers) that I have yet to try. While writing this post, I ran through the chicken nuggets and hummus with tulsi green tea.



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