Avoiding Indian II

about Kovalam, Kerala, India

I’m at an exotic destination with excellent local food again, and Indian food is again being avoided.

This time, however, I’m not doing the avoiding by choice. Sitting in beautiful Kovalam, surrounded by sea and seafood, spices and foodloving nairs I’m stuck consuming thai salad, green curry and exotic vegetables for lunch. Even the desserts diligently dodge any mention of payasam; sticking valiantly to strudels, ice creams and “tropical fruits”.

Yesterday’s lunch was marginally better. Some of the dishes had suitably unpronounceable mallu names (even if the majority of the Indian section doled out punjabi and rajasthani). In particular a firecracker chilli pickle and some very nice mango pachadi made my meal. No such luck today – forget local authenticity, even the thai food was not remotely authentic.

Neither avial or appam has yet been encountered.

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  1. One can write a book about the food other than local that's served in Kerala. But I don't want even my greatest enemy to go through that torture.



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