Bitter Memories

Yesterday, Vicky Ratnani of the very posh Aurus was on TV stuffing karelas.

A recent post of mine about karela in Kerala had people doubting my taste in taste but here a five star chef was happily stuffing the very same thing on national television.With imported cheese too! Which got me thinking...

Human tastebuds have a syllabus of four (five if you're Chinese - they couldn't fit a billion into just five) but the only one that gets a bad rap is bitter. Medicine is supposed to be the cause of it, but really – when was the last time you had a bitter pill? Think of it. Many of life's greatest pleasures have a bitter edge. Chocolate is bitter. Marmalade is bitter. Tea, coffee is bitter. Beer, Rum, Whisky and every other variant of alcohol is bitter. Even the olives in Bond's martini are bitter. In spite of all that, leaving a bitter taste in one's mouth is considered a bad thing.

No wonder the karela is bitter about it.

1 comment:

  1. It's not so much the bitterness that gives karela a bad rap. It's the karela-ness.



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