Kabab in a Corner

about Indraprastha Extension, New Delhi,

Last night I managed some nice-ish gol gappas but it was the kabab in a hidden corner of Patparganj that made my evening.

A tiny shop that relies on your car for seating space, Punjabi By Taste is your typical hole in the wall. What makes it worth visiting is their malai kabab. it's some nicely done chicken tikka slathered - and here's the real deal - slathered with this delectable pepper-cream sauce. Liquid malai with a kick, perfect for the roomali.

The twist in the story is that the original Punjabi had run out, the version I had came from next door where his brother had split off a few years ago. Taposh (who took me there) tells me the brother is distinctly inferior, but even that was droolworthy enough for me.

Must go back for the first brother...

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  1. sounds drool worthy alright. Almost like a north Indian version of pfeffersauce with a kick- slurp!



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