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Tired of potatoes and chillies, I ventured into the local market. Rescue came in the form of Chengdu restaurant, a local joint with rows of local booze bottles at the back and stacks of instant noodle in the front. There was no menu but the woman at the counter did promise me pork and beef in rudimentary Hindi.

The pork on offer turned out to be Kangshu Maroo - a dry curry of trotters, pleasant enough if you like that kind of thing.

The beef, a tough, chewy local sausage called Juma is made from beef, pork tripe and a generous helping of numbing sichuan peppers. It was too much effort on the jaw for me to get excited about, but apparently its quite popular locally.

The hotel dinner too had a non-vegetarian Bhutanese option - a tomato-garlic-chicken stew called Jansha Maroo.

Today's dinner did have a rather pleasant version of Kewa Datshi or potato-chilli-cheese curry, which tasted very like the spicy version of a potato in cheese sauce.

Still waiting for Ema Datshi...

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