Salmon Lunch

Nature's Basket Bandra tempted me yesterday with a rather expensive salmon steak. It was all frozen and plasticwrapped, but it reminded me of some very nice dinners in the USA. Salmon was one of the things I learned to make well, out of my hours of watching Food TV on my (then very new) HD television. It helped that it was also very easily available in New York, and needed little by way of persuasion to come out beautifully.

Today morning, therefore, I defrosted the fish and heated up a pan. The process of salmon is simple, heat a pan, splash some oil, place the steak on it, then pretty much leave it alone for the correct period of time, turning it just once in the process. Salmon has a soft melting texture when barely that tiny hair breadth above undercooked that's just magic, and fooling around with it will not get you anywhere. Cooking here is all about almost not cooking - put on the pan, turn once and take it out - all about the timing.

Of course, I did the whole plating thing. I rarely cook in daytime, the chance to get actual photos cannot be passed up. And its not just photoshop - the middle of the steak did come out great...

Feeling very topchef, I used the trimmings (oh yes, I trimmed off the uneven ends to get a perfect steak) for a ceviche. A few twists of lime, some diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lots of love later, the ceviche looked very photogenic but did actually manage to taste great too.

A very nice lunch, just a few minutes of chopping and a few minutes of impatient watching - it did turn out quite delectable.

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