Sunday Shiro

It being Sunday and all that, I decided that a nice brunch was just the thing to celebrate the glow of finally having run past the ten kilometre barrier (warning: some walking involved). A couple of months ago, the very imposing Shiro had advertised a Masterchef Brunch (along with, presumably, dishes from the show). I did not make to that, but that day Shiro crawled into dark recesses of my brain as a possible brunch option, only to be sought out and exposed by today's deep meditations on my choices.

My first look at Shiro's brunch was underwhelming - it looked like a very small spread, not even half a dozen salads (mostly veg) and a scattering of dessert options padded with a couple of sushi rolls. Having already paid fifty bucks to park the car, I was disinclined to leave my chopsticks, groaning inwardly at the thought the zillion lost options at nearby Four Seasons (my other choice for emulating those healthy Japanese eating habits). However, Shiro had more sense than to stop at a few salads; as I was biting into my kimchi, sushi platters and dim sum baskets started to appear, along with other bits like barbecue chicken. Plates and plates of all that later, just when I began to consider that stuffed may apply to more than pillows, the waiter kindly suggested I should choose a mains. Or worse - not choose at all and all three could appear. It turns out I had, in all that dim lighting, overlooked the user manual that clearly stated no less than twenty choices wanted to head my way.

True, five star buffets with both hands tied behind their back could beat Shiro hands down for choice, but the food here is really quite good. The lighting is dim, so you occassionally end up with a mouthful of garnish and no blogworthy photos are possibe, but they get their sushi and much else very right - there's certainly more reason than the parking charge to stay back.

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