Tangled Tastes

The frenetic Durga Puja over, a nice slow midweek holiday emerged yesterday. Sunny weather, nothing much to do all added up to picture windows and leisurely lunches. I chose Tasty Tangles.


Yes, ok, its a chain (though not a very big one) and its format is very fastfood. However, in this area it has the nicest picture windows and (though this can't be that good for them) easily available seating. It also has some wonderful things on the menu.

Duck Wontons 

Tasy Tangles had all the leisurely look I wanted – huge windows flooding the place with sunlight, enough empty tables that getting a seat was not a struggle yet sufficiently full to not make you the sole saviour of the waiters. The place has a bit of an odd menu – a tearaway sheet of paper where you tick off what you want and hand to your waiter (who, of course, trained in old world graces will insist on repeating the entire order and checking the ticks). The menu isn't big and unusually for an Asian restaurant is dominated by vegetarian choices.

I stayed faithful to my sinful carnivorous habits, and ordered a duck wonton. Service was rather quicker than my holiday sensibilities were expecting, but in any case a trio of crispy squares landed up, filled with generous amounts of a nicely flavoured duck mince. The seafood cilantro soup that followed was more cilantro than seafood, but pleasant nevertheless.


I consider the aromatic spicy chicken dumplings here one of the great dim sums of all time – at least in India, and order them on every visit here. Beautiful to look at, and once bitten into they're wonderful parcels of chicken mince that fill both your nose and your mouth with the most pleasing sensations. Words like spicy and aromatic immediately justify their existence. The sweet and sour chicken that followed was efficiently uninspired, no fireworks there but such a dish rarely allows for fireworks. On earlier visits to Tasty Tangles, I've had a wonderful laksa (served as a soup), some competent nasi goreng and an average-to-nice rendang.

Efficient service or not, they allowed me to sit and read for three hours with no more than the occasional visit to politely see if I was ok. A holiday well tangled.

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