Bicycle Tales: A Belgian Bite

about Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

What would you say to a shop located on the blind side as you turn from Siddhi Vinayak to the more mundane parts of Prabhadevi? Cycling is a good cure to blindness; that's probably the only reason why I managed to stare at the completely unpronounceable name without killing anyone. Two minutes of stammering later I'm ready to go back to modaks – someone should be warned that isn't really the land of spelling bee champions; its the land of their language-mangling parents.


Lets just bite the tongue and spit it out; Debailleul. Its not quite clear how you say it, but apparently mashing the two middle 'l's into a 'y' is involved.

Mumbai Boss was the first to warn me about a Belgian pastry chef who was bringing an entire patisserie flash frozen from the land of real chocolates. Chef Marc Debailleul is the man behind the magic, a much decorated pastry chef (I wish he had liked his first name more than his second, but no more name jokes). Its a beautiful, inviting space – small, but with a few tables for two and the lovliest, most droolworthy display of chocolates you are likely to see in a while.

IMG_4066 IMG_4064 IMG_4065

Now straight to the bottom line. The citron macaroon was wonderful, the chicken quiche tasty but not memorable, the coffee perfect and the two chocolates tiny but delectable. The hole in the pocket was noticeable, though not as huge as feared.

Ok, the bottom line (second attempt). The chocolates are beautiful (and really very nice) but not Mumbai's best chocolate. I thought both the Taj and the Grand Hyatt do a little bit of a better job at similar prices and easier pronunciation. Yauatcha manages a wonderful job too; none, however, look anywhere near as elegant. Isn't that part of what you want to pay for? There's a reason why the seating is all for two.



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