Bicycle Tales: Frostbite

about NH 8, Maharashtra, India 6 comments:

I thought I'd covered all surprises in Mumbai, but distant Dahisar had more in store than I thought.

After finishing off a particularly satisfying keema ghotala at Western Dhaba (next to the more famous but currently shuttered Dara) my eye fell on what looked like a howler of a misprint on the ice cream page - a section called "veg" listing options such as green chilly, coriander and garlic. Just before putting the photo on the funny pages, I decided to point this out to the waiter and discovered the joke was on me.

They did indeed have green chilly ice cream available.

Yes it was actual ice cream. Yes, cold. Yes, chillies. Yes he would get it.

And so it came, a plainjane vanilla ice cream studded with small bits of green chilly - not very spicy, just a mild, pleasing bite amid the aroma of chilly. One weirdo down, I asked for the coriander hoping to get some more exotica ingested (only for you readers of my blog, I promise). Unfortunately, the green chilly flavour was the only one on offer; other flavours on the veg front were not to be found outside the menu.

I wouldn't abandon all and rush here for the next scoop, but it's certainly worth a blog post.


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